How I Started Making Ear Wraps

I received this question from a customer the other day:  “Hi! I was wondering if your strong magnet earring backings would be strong enough to hold loopy earrings. If not, can you please suggest something that will hold these earrings for my cousin who does not have pierced ears?”  A photo of some large teardrop loop earrings was enclosed along with the query.  So, in answer to the question;

Hoops by their very nature don’t lend themselves well to magnets because the movement itself will pull them off the ear. My ear wrap wires however are perfect for this style. When I first started doing art and craft shows in California, many years ago I started by trying to sell my own work in sterling silver.

This was when the cheap imported silver jewelry from Bali in the 80’s was first allowed into this country with little or no tariff charges. My customers kept asking me why my work was so expensive. I realized that I could not compete with the extremely cheap labor in other countries, so I looked around for a niche market and found the ear wrap idea.

I created my own thinner wire with 18 gauge brass wire, because the current ear wraps on the market were made with very thick wire which caused the earlobe to be pushed away from the head and caused discomfort. I then had them plated with gold and palladium but without nickel for my sensitive customers’ ears.

I created 4 different sizes so I could fit anyone from a small child’s ear to a very large ear. I used to sell them to “pirates” when I did the renaissance fairs, because back then, men didn’t have pierced ears…

They are all adjustable and can even be adjusted for non attached lobes.  Over the years, I improved them until they became the finished product I sell today.You can see more here: 1.jpg



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