Why I’m voting for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now  President and I still pinch myself daily, It’s hard to believe we actully won. I guess the Left is having a hard time believing it too…

Here’s the article I wrote in October 2016 with a couple of notes added.

I started this blog to promote my retail shop on Etsy. I had no idea that the world was self destructing until I saw Donald speak about building a wall.

I started my Twitter account for the same reason, to promote my jewelry and artwork.

When I saw a Tweet about Sharia Law, I looked it up. I was appalled by what I read and as I started following more people on Twitter and learned more and more about Muslims.

I had heard about female genital mutilation, but I thought it was just a few savages deep in the African continent. I had no idea it was happening in the USA. There have been over 500 thousand.

My husband told me long ago about what it was like over there, but never went into detail.

Then I learned about Obama and Paul Ryan letting all the Muslim refugees into this country.

I knew there were gang problems in California, but I’ve been away for 17 years and had no idea how bad it had gotten out there. My cousin became a Mormon to get away from the gangs and moved her family from Whittier ( a good thing, it turns out) to Utah to get away from it. It is kind of ironic, now that they are letting so many Muslims into the state. Very similar to what she moved away from, but even worse. She won’t talk to me now…

When I saw the news report about the Muslims shooting firearms in Deep Creek, Apple Valley I began to understand the dangers of the Muslim immigration. I used to have a house there and actually hiked down to the hot springs at Deep Creek.  If I hadn’t lost my house and been forced to move into an RV, I might have been hiking that day. I cringe to think what might have happened,  especially now that I have read about the Muslim rape of that elderly lady in Colorado, and the young girl in Idaho.

FBI Investigating Reports Of 17 Men Chanting, Firing Off Shots In Apple Valley

I remember reading about Benghazi and wondering what it was, but that all became clear on Twitter

I didn’t even believe in Evil for years, but now I know that it is a real force and so is Good.

I believe that this election is nothing less than a battle between Good and Evil and that Donald Trump is Good and Hillary Clinton is Evil. (I am thankful everyday that we won.  I never prayed before, but now I pray every day for the safety of President Trump, his family, his cabinet and everyone who voted for him)

I haven’t voted since Perot ran in 1992, because I could see that there wasn’t much difference between the parties. I did vote Libertarian that time, because I am for less government.  The Libertarian votes were what pulled the votes from the Republican Party and allowed the Clintons into the White House for the first time. (I still feel guilty)


I came to the conclusion that this is not just an election, this is a war between good and evil, between nationalism and globalism

I believe that Donald Trump is a genius, a success, a loving human being, and because he is an outsider, he is beholden to no one but “We, The People”.

I believe that Donald Trump is the only person who can put together an intelligent team to get the USA back on the path to success.

I voted early last week in South Dakota.



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