Make a Fashion Statement In Fuchsia With Comfortable Non-Pierced Ear Wear

These handmade ear wraps are a great fashion statement in silver, purple glass, pink fossil and lavender crystal beads. The magenta fabric has and iridescent sheen.
They are made out of hand cut and hand painted fabric pieces using a proprietary process I invented for working with fabric. They just wrap around behind your ear like a cuff bracelet wraps around your wrist and they are super comfortable because the minimal weight is distributed evenly around your ear.
I used glass, Swarovski crystal and brass beads on brass eye pins to make them more unique. They are 3 inches in length and make a great conversation starter!
The hand formed 18 gauge brass wire is plated with palladium, nickel free and adjustable. Both the ear wraps and earrings are sold in pairs, one for each ear.
These are also available as pierced earrings with surgical steel hooks making them 3.5 inches long.
See this listing for a view of the pierced style:



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