Pink Tulip Original Painting

This one of a kind painting is title “Pink Tulip” and is 24 x 18″ in size.
It is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
Shown framed and hanging on the Greenport, NY gallery wall and unframed along with some detail shots. (I took third place with this painting in the very first art competition I ever entered!)

Detail 1

Detail 2

Hanging in the Greenport NY Gallery

Link to Painting Here

Asiatic Lilies Original Drawing

Titled “Asiatic Lily”, this is a 14″ x 17″ original drawing in pen and colored pencil on paper of Asiatic lilies. Shown unframed and matted and framed as shown in the last picture.
I draw the original sketch in regular pencil and then draw the lines with permanent black ink.
I then erase the pencil and finish the piece with colored pencil just like a coloring book.

Link to:

Original Drawing

Original Stargazer Lily Acrylic Painting

My Third Favorite Flower To Paint Or Draw

                                                  STARGAZER II
I started with a white background but decided to change it to black for more contrast.

I remember painting this while I was living in a cabin in the woods with a wood stove in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Thom used to feed the chipmunks that lived in the area and hung out in the woodpile by hand. They got so tame, they’d come when we called and actually eat out of his hand.

I loved it there but the weird landlord used to cover the security light sensors with duct tape and then steal our oak firewood at night…

Stargazer Painting Link

Dichroic Glass Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

The Colors In This Glass Are Breathtaking…

I bought these pieces from a dicroic glass artist at a art and craft show because the colors were so gorgeous…I didn’t know what I was going to do with them at the time…but eventually I got around to it…

I hand cut a piece of aluminum so I could drill holes for the wire lanyard, attached the magnet to the back, and here it is…


Eyeglass Holder Link

Vintage 14 Karat Lost Wax Casting Of A Colorado Columbine Flower

Or, I’m So Old My Work Is Now Vintage

I completely fabricated the original design in sterling silver, way back in my little house in Crawford, Colorado. I was living there back in 1979, I think…Also when I joined the Black Canyon Firefighter Crew out of Cedaredge, Colorado…

Then I pulled a mold so I could cast them for my very first production line. Didn’t go well, though, that’s when the Hunt Brothers manipulated the precious metals market and Silver went from $5 an ounce to $50 and then crashed. They almost destroyed my business…and I almost lost my house…

And I survived…

Here is a link if you’re interested…

Handmade and copyrighted by Laura Wilson-Jeweler

Handmade and copyrighted by Laura Wilson-Jeweler

Pendant Link

Purple Clematis Acrylic Painting

An Original Painting on Stretched Canvas

This is an original painting of a beautiful purple clematis flower and green leaves behind it.

I am especially happy with the way the leaves look as through the light is coming through them.




Clematis Link