I Think Irises Are My Favorite Flower

Maybe, But I Love Them All…

This is a 24 x 30 inch acrylic painting of four purple irises and four buds on stretched canvas. I sealed it with a matte resistant finish.
It is hand painted in the USA and signed, dated and copyrighted by Laura Wilson.

This is where I started painting it, in my gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY:

And this is where I finished it, in front of Rich Fiedler’s gallery in Greenport, NY:


Iris Painting Link

This Is What Happens When Jewelers Start Painting…

Fall Colors Original Abstract Painting

I wanted to try a painting similar to the old pen and ink drawings I use to do and this is what transpired. I mixed many different browns and grays and used some metallic gold paint in the details. During the process I experimented with a host of different textures, so it is a very unique piece.
It is an original acrylic painting on a 24 x 30 x 3/4 inch stretched canvas. I sealed it with a UV resistant varnish. I painted the sides so it can be hung unframed, and will ship it that way.
It is signed, dated and copyrighted by Laura Wilson.
This painting is a one of a kind original.


Abstract Original Link

My Most Expensive Creation To Date

Anodized Aluminum Wall Sculpture

Super Lightweight, Colorful and One Of A Kind

This unique, one of a kind anodized aluminum wall sculpture is titled “North Fork Blues” A unique mosaic of 100’s of layered  anodized aluminum pieces representing the blues and greens of Long Island’s North Fork, from the grey blues of a stormy day on the sound to the brilliant greens of new plant growth in the spring. The almost luminescent colors seem to change from different perspectives. Super light weight to hang on any wall, in any order you like, to fit any space. Hang diagonally on a stairway, horizontally over a fireplace or even vertically. The two small pieces are 22′ x 18′ and the center piece is 30″ x 28″. Handmade in the USA, signed, dated and copyrighted by Laura Wilson.

Want a Simple, Small Eyeglass Holder?

I have it right here…

Or I can make another shape in any color, or any size…

This magnetic eyeglass holder is made out of a simple rectangle made from grey anodized aluminum, but you can custom order it in any color. The rectangle is 25 x 20 mm.
Whether you are out shopping, relaxing or working, this will keep your glasses handy.
The lanyard is made out of hand wrapped coated copper wire that will hold your reading glasses, sun glasses, I.D, badge or badge reel. Two super strong neodymium magnets hold it on your clothing securely and without damage to your favorite outfit. It’s simple, elegant, and practical.

“Happiness This Way” Sterling Silver Brooch


Titled “Happiness This Way” includes an arrow pointing toward happiness, This sterling silver brooch is made of many pieces of silver fused together with a torch at 1600 degrees.
Creating each piece is always an adventure, because although I have a lot of control and experience, silver sometimes melts in unexpected ways, making each piece one of a kind. An amethyst cabochon is bezel set into the piece. Swarovski crystal and Paua shells from New Zealand, strengthened with cold pour enamel on the back are suspended from colored jump rings.

My signature, date, and title are engraved on the back. 1.5″ by 3″ in size. Made with a standard mechanical pin back.
It is one of a kind and comes with a handmade pouch to keep it in.
Handmade in the USA, signed, dated and copyrighted by Laura Wilson.



Hand Painted Gold and Silver High Dome Magnetic Earrings


These are silver plated high dome half balls with gold enamel paint accents.
This is a one of a kind pair of magnetic earrings that is 18 mm wide and 11 mm high.
Each is held on the ear with two 13 mm enamel painted ceramic magnets for complete comfort.
Need extra or stronger magnet backs? They are listed here:
If you have misplaced your metric ruler, remember that 13 mm=1/2 inch.
Remember: The wider the magnets, the more comfortable the earring is.
made in the USA by Laura Wilson