Desalination, When Will America Start Using the Available Technology?

I saw on Twitter that California had passed a new bill limiting water use again.
I went looking for the info and found this article.

Here are a few quotes from the above article:

“By 2022, residents in California will be limited to 55 gallons per person, per day. In 2013, the number of gallons used is expected to fall to 50.”

“An eight-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water.  One load of laundry uses about 40.  Taking a bath can use anywhere between 80 and 100 gallons of water.”


It also said that up to 30 percent of urban water is lost just to leaks in the system.

Now I’m thinking, if I still lived in California, I couldn’t even take a bath…

My husband was looking for a movie to watch and we started to watch “Pray for Rain”, a movie about water rights in central California.

I started thinking about desalination. A friend told me years ago that we had the technology to do it cheaply and efficiently, so why don’t we? I’m guessing the people that make money from selling water don’t want it to happen…

So I started to do a little research and found this article:
Here are a couple of direct quotes from the article:
“Amazingly, Israel has more water than it needs. The turnaround started in 2007, when low-flow toilets and shower-heads were installed nationwide and the national water authority built innovative water treatment systems that recapture 86 percent of the water that goes down the drain and use it for irrigation”
“The International Desalination Association claims that 300 million people get water from desalination, and that number is quickly rising.”
So, it looks like the technology is here and working, so let’s use it.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

blue mushroom 3e Large e-mail view

(The picture above is a digitally manipulated image made from one of my photos, and not a magic mushroom as far as I know)

I’ve only take psilocybin mushrooms once in my life. When I lived in Colorado, back in the 1970’s there was a book about psilocybin mushrooms that came with a packet of spores and instructions on how to grow them yourself, so I did. When they popped up, I made a sandwich on my birthday with them, and went off to have one of the best birthdays in my life. It was spring and a sunny beautiful day. I remember a magical day, where I gave presents to everyone else. I remember feeling like Spring Incarnate.

It’s been over 40 years and I still remember how wonderful I felt. I had been plagued with depression my whole life, so it was such a relief to just feel good.  Now, after reading the following article, I wonder if it did reset my brain, because I seemed to do very well for a long time after that…

The following quotes above are from this article:  (

“Psilocybin mushrooms have been used in therapeutic settings to treat a wide variety of ailments and disorders including cluster headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, and addiction.”

“Psilocybin is well-tolerated among healthy individuals. Hormone levels, liver function and toxicity, and blood sugar all appear to be unaffected by mushroom use. .  Some researchers are starting to discover that many of psilocybin’s beneficial effects on mental health conditions may be due it its ability to ‘reset’ a control system in the brain.  More recent studies have also mirrored these early findings. About 40% of participants in several laboratory studies of psilocybin reported positive, long-term changes in aesthetic experience and their relationship with nature.  That is, psilocybin allows for more “cross talk” between brain regions that is typically kept separate, which, researchers speculate, enables a state of “unconstrained cognition.” Many of the same brain activity patterns are also observed during various states of meditation as well.”

Here’s another interesting article:

Here are some quotes from the above article;

“Philosophers and mystics have long contemplated the disconcerting notion that the fixed self is an illusion. Neuroscientists now think they can prove it or, at least, help us glimpse this truth with some help from psilocybin, the psychoactive property in magic mushrooms.”

“Researchers around the world are exploring the drug’s transformative power to help people quit smoking; lower violent crime; treat depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder; and trigger lasting spiritual epiphanies in psychologically healthy people, especially when coupled with meditation or contemplative training.

“Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, has long been known to deliver therapeutic effects to people with depression, and researchers think this is because the drug helps to revive emotional responsiveness in the brain.”

“What’s so remarkable is this kind of mechanism is actually the opposite effect of a major class of antidepressants used to treat the condition, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).”

This might explain why antidepressants cause more problems than they solve…

So, God gave us the Mangosteen fruit to cure cancer, Cannabis for pain, and Psilocybin  mushrooms for depression and Big Pharma has helped make them all illegal so they can sell their toxic “medications” instead.


Update: I Rented A Space At Neely’s Korner And It Wasn’t EXACTLY A Mistake…

I never dreamed it would be so bad, that I would actually lose money…but a couple of good things came out of it. I got to see all my work in one place, and it was kind of impressive. I’ve created and invented a lot of techniques and processes during my 44 year career. I probably won’t be famous even after I die, but at least I accomplished something. I started the magnetic earring and eyeglass movement. I guess it’s something to brag about that even China copied my ideas.

It also forced me to start working in sterling silver again, so I dug out all my old drawing pads and I’m finally going to make all the jewelry I always wanted to, but never had the time. I have it now…

I’ll still be making;

Original Acrylic paintings, Magnetic Earrings, Brooches, Eyeglass Holders, Hair Barrettes, Ear-Wraps, Pierced Earrings, but not Polymer Clay Sculpture or Painted Slate

So, get ready for some really cool stuff…

Thom and I will NOT be at space #35 at: Neely’s Korner, 1125 N Lowell Rd in Golden Valley, AZ 86413, on Hwy. 68 at mile marker 21. The hours are 8-3 EVERY Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
HOWEVER, you will STILL be able to find me on Irises 1 Large e-mail view

Starting Over

Retirement is boring so Thom and I will be at space #35 starting this Friday at: Neely’s Korner, 1125 N Lowell Rd in Golden Valley, AZ 86413. It is on Hwy. 68 at mile marker 21. The hours are 8-3 FRI-SAT-SUN.

If you’re anywhere near, Kingman, Laughlin, or Golden Valley, come meet me in person…Not that far from Vegas…

All I can tell you is our booth WON’T look any of our old booths (below), because we thought we’d NEVER do shows again, and everything is in storage in South Dakota…so…starting from scratch…Thom is building tables today. I am carding earrings…I don’t look like this anymore either…glory days…

Got to start somewhere….

Dry Mining For Gold In Kingman Arizona

We heard that there’s gold in them there hills.

I joined the local gold prospecting club in Kingman Arizona because nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find land that hasn’t had the mineral rights claimed. When you join the club, you get a map and permission to mine on their mining claims.

Otherwise, you have to research the claims, which is more work than I want to do. The problem out here in Kingman is that it’s dry. Thom has panned on and off for years all over the country and he told me he didn’t like dry mining and I see why. The drive and the hike is great, I like that part.

It’s an adventure to find the mines, and it’s a lot of driving out on rough dirt roads, best if you have a 4 wheel drive.  We’re old so we haven’t figured out how to use the GPS on our new cell phones, but I think we will next time out. The directions are not exactly perfect, they don’t give you exact miles between turns, but we managed to find it anyway. The club signs are beat up and hard to read, but they are there.

Lots of black sand out there which means there is gold, too. Not that easy to find in dry mining, lots of work, lots of digging.

Our brand new Home Depot shovel plastic handle broke within the first 5 minutes, so we didn’t get but a ½ bucket and returned the shovel when we got back. They did however, give us a credit, so we bought another shovel and thought we’d go to garage sales and look for a used shovel with a better handle. Seems like you can’t buy just a handle here in Kingman.

The drive out to the claim (except for the chemtrails) was really nice.

Dry mining day one7

Dry mining day one6

Saw some beautiful cactus out there, at least 5 different kinds. I’d love to go photograph them when they are in bloom; especially the barrel cactus. These looked like they may be blooming. The ends almost look like a flower.

Kingman Cactus1

Set it up to pan the dirt in a gold pan and a big square pan full of water underneath. It took me all of 5 minutes to decide I’d rather just photograph the process. Boring…

kingman dry mining a4 Large e-mail view


kingman dry mining16

So in the end, just a lot of black sand…We didn’t find any gold…I’m sure it’s a lot more exciting when you actually find flecks of gold or better yet, a nugget…